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Women of Influence


About the book

In a time when conversations about women as a key consumer group are growing louder, it’s clear there is a need for a closer, deeper, more nuanced approach. Based on more than 500 interviews, this book identifies a group of empowered women whose common trait is an engagement and a creativity in consumption that goes far beyond normal consumer practice.

As bona fide consumers who are also genuinely antagonistic about the idea of consumerism, these women stand out as remarkable drivers of change. They are leading us towards a new future of consumption, and creating new types of commercial desires, new types of consumer strategies and new types of markets. Read it to increase your understanding of contemporary consumer culture.

Talks and workshops


The presentations are all insight driven and designed to inform and inspire a human oriented approach to future strategies and innovations.


We tailor events for specific purposes, including round tables, strategy workshops, challenging conversations and micro conferences.

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Talks on Leadership, Innovation and


In the public and private sector, women are claiming their space and their agency. Based on the extensive interview material in the book, this talk highlights how women are moving the business world forward, changing the relationship with work and fronting a purpose driven-economy, while constantly demonstrating new thinking and doing.

All businesses can benefit from embedding the ideas of these strong agents of change into the fabric of the organization.



Passionistas can be silent influencers, due to their position in cultural and social life, but equally noteworthy is they can be silent innovators.

This talk tells the story of how these women are extensive innovators in their everyday life, constantly creating products, services and life hacks to meet their unmet needs - yet their innovation potential is often ignored, even by themselves. For businesses, this ignorance equals missed opportunities.

Brands, Marketing & Communication

The increased purchasing power of women has stirred the world of brands and communication, but connecting to female communities is not easy. This talk focuses on how one of the most empowered female consumer groups, the Passionistas, talk, feel, choose and sometimes agonize about their behaviour.

We show how businesses and organisations can truly empathise with Passionistas and connect with them in a genuine and compelling way.

About the authors

Kristin Undheim

Kristin Undheim is a Norwegian sociologist working as assistant professor at the Kristiania University College

Adina Broady Aasebø

Adina Broady Aasebo is a Swedish media and communication specialist working as partner and insight- and innovation director at Core Content.

Together Kristin and Adina develop human-centric strategies for brands and organisations.

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